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BAC ASM 2017


Merry Christmas from EFCS

Created: 21 December 2017
Written by AdriaCongrex - Cristina Imola

Wishing You Joy and Peace and a Happy New Year!

Candidacy for the Job as General Secretary of the EFCS

Created: 24 October 2017
Written by AdriaCongrex - Cristina Imola

The Secretary General of the EFCS would like to encourage colleagues from all Europe to present their candidacy for the Job as General Secretary of the EFCS.

The candidates must send the CV to in order to put it on the website.

The Statutes of the EFCS require candidates to nominate themselves for these posts. In view of this, members and their colleagues should feel free to contact potential candidates and offer them their support and encouragement to put their names forward.

These candidates should present themselves to the General Secretary till end of February, their names will be added to the agenda of the AGM send out.

Election will take place at the Annual General Meeting at the 41st European Congress, Madrid, Spain 10 - 13 June 2018

Welcome to the 50th anniversary of the French Society of Clinical Cytology

Created: 27 June 2017
Written by AdriaCongrex - Cristina Imola

Looking at the Past and into the Future of Cytopathology


Download the program here


22th November 2017

Convention Centre “Palais des Congrès”, Paris, France

CY-TEST: a free system on citology with 1600 interactive exercises based on 1000 cases!

Created: 10 March 2017
Written by AdriaCongrex - Cristina Imola


Trieste 2012

Created: 15 November 2012
Written by Luigi Di Bonito
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